IFCM, HKU and FEDARCOR Thanks for your help!

We will like to thank

The International Federation for Choral Music (http://www.ifcm.net/)

The Art of HKU (http://www.hku.nl/)

Federación Aragonesa de Coros (FEDARCOR) (http://www.fedarcor.es/)

for helping us in publisizing “CANTA EN ANDALUCÍA” and include this in the:

Online IFCM Choral Calendar: http://www.itchoir.it/eventi/dettagli/evento/3882

The University of the Arts Utrecht Studentportal via: http://studentportal.hku.nl/praktijkervaring/festivals-competities-en-workshops.htm

News section of FEDARCOR portal: http://www.fedarcor.es/canta-andalucia-2017/

With your help we will made of “CANTA EN ANDALUCÍA” a fantastic festival!